Why it matters...

Caring about you improves the care you provide to others

Working at the frontline of services that look after peoples’ health, safety, and well -being can be mentally, emotionally and physically demanding as well as rewarding.

The intensity of working with people in challenging and, potentially traumatic circumstances, in services which are typically overly stretched, draws heavily on peoples’ resilience.

All too often frontline professionals find that their expectations about what can be achieved are thwarted and their own well-being comes secondary to the people they look after. This can contribute to feeling demoralised and desensitised.  Long-term stress, fractured relationships, fatigue, and burnout are just some of the outcomes that professionals experience when they are unable to take care of themselves, as well as the people they care for.

Frontline Resilience supports people to sustain operating effectively in challenging circumstances and improve well-being.