“Change - real change - comes from the inside out" (Steven Covey).

Consultancy services

Developing creative, resilient and compassionate organisational cultures

The strength of a team, an organisation or community is shaped by the collective resilience of its members and their capacity to adapt and thrive. An individual’s ability to tap into their own resilience and contribute to strengthening others resilience is greatly enhanced by a supportive cultural environment in which people experience psychological safety. The key ingredients that generate such a culture are people’s state of mind and the quality of their relationships.

Enhancing community resilience and embedding sustainable livelihoods

To enhance community resilience, organisations need to pay as much attention to people’s thinking and behaviour as they do to activities and infrastructural development.  Incorporating this as an integral component in the design and delivery of interventions can ensure strengthened social and psychological resilience, so that individuals, communities and businesses are better able equipped to navigate adverse situations.