"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing or right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there". Rumi

one to one support

We offer coaching and counselling for people who are struggling. This could result from a particularly challenging or traumatic incident; a general sense of despondency and lack of motivation; feeling stressed and overwhelmed; suffering from anxiety or depression; wanting to reignite a sense of passion and purpose, or about fulfilling your potential.

Being heard and increasing self-awareness is an important part of being able to process difficult or stuck situations, recover from set backs and post-traumatic stress, address challenging relationships and fulfilling your potential.

Conversations with a professionally trained, coach and/or counsellor offers you the opportunity to:

 - Be heard, and explore what is going on for you

 - Improve your experience of challenging situations and difficult people through gaining insights into how experience is created.

 - Understand how to leverage the innate nature of your resilience, resourcefulness and well-being.

 - Alleviate stress, anxiety and burnout.

 - Leave the past behind.

 - Enhance quality of relationships throughout your life.

- Experience more peace, ease and enjoyment.