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Frontline Resilience was founded by Dr Kirstien Bjerregaard in 2017, through her desire to provide support to those who work with others in challenging circumstances. 

Operating internationally, Frontline Resilience draws on a pool of highly competent, professionals. 

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Kirstien Bjerregaard

Kirstien has been supporting individuals, groups, organisations and communities through difficulty and complex change since 1996. Prior to working as trainer, coach, counsellor and consultant Kirstien worked on the ground managing and delivering frontline services in international relief and development as well as in the UK health, education and social care sectors.

In addition to holding a PhD in Social and Organisational Psychology, Kirstien has a BSocSc in Social Anthropology, and a MSc in Social Policy and Planning in Development. She is also accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and is a 3 Principles practitioner.

Kirstien enjoys sharing with people how the psychological operating system fuels resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing, enables transformational leadership, and facilitates conflict transformation and culture change. Most of all she appreciates peoples’ infinite capacity to thrive whatever the circumstance Her story...

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Claire Shutes

Claire is a Master Transformative Coach and Three Principles Practitioner. She has an international client base which includes businesses, individuals, young people and the charitable sector.Claire speaks, trains and mentors internationally, serving as faculty on One Thought’s Foundations for Practitioners Programme and Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy. Through coaching, clients transform their experience heightening their resilience, productivity and overall wellbeing. As Marcel Proust said ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’

Claire’s professional training includes: Certified Master Transformative Coach, Senior Graduate Three Principles Professional Institute, Qualified Personal Performance Coach (Distinction), INLPTA Diploma Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Corporate and Executive Coaching, Youth Impact Coaching and DISC Psychometric Profiling. 

Prior to becoming a coach Claire produced and directed, award winning observational documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. Her story...


Emma Greenslade

Emma is a leader in health and care, and specialises in quality  improvement, safety, governance and change. Emma coaches, mentors, trains, facilitates and consults in the public and private sector, drawing on her experience of working in the NHS since 2002.

Emma is passionate about people learning from their experiences, making positive choices and bringing people together to explore and understand their own and others’ perspectives. Motivated by being a catalyst for change, Emma continues to challenge herself and others to make improvements for people at every opportunity.

Educated to Masters Level in Leadership, Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Emma is also a Chartered Safety Practitioner accredited by IOSH and regularly draws on her experience of narrative coaching, organisational development and managing organisational compliance with statutory requirements. Her story...


Sonya Saroyan

Understanding human psychology and behaviour and passing on her knowledge is not only Sonya’s profession, but first of all her passion. As a multilingual trainer, learning and development consultant, researcher, and an expat coach Sonya has worked in corporate as well as non-profit and educational sectors in Germany, UK, Italy, and Armenia.

Prior to obtaining her PhD in Social and Organisational Psychology, Sonya completed a MA program in Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education, and an BSc in General Psychology. 

Coming from more than one cultural background herself, Sonya has always been fascinated with diversity of contexts and how people adapt and embrace new cultures and identities. Over the past years she has worked with expatriates supporting them in their complex journey to develop culturally fluent relationships for handling culture shock and adapting new (multi-)cultural contexts -  communities, countries, as well as organisations. Her story...




  • In my 20 years in the workplace I have experienced a lot of training. Nothing has come close to being as transformative as what Kirstien and Claire invited us to experience. If you get the chance, take it in a heartbeat!
    — Dr Crystal Moore, Deputy Director Head Flood Forecasting and Incidence Management, Environment Agency
  • In her work for Frontline resilience Kirstien Bjerregaard draws on her extensive experience as a researcher and practitioner to deliver a range of practical solutions for a set of very pressing challenges.  Drawing on the latest insights in the field, these will prove immensely useful for a wide range of users.
    — Professor Alex Haslam, Professor of Psychology, University of Queensland
  • In a challenging industry where staff motivation and wellbeing are key, Kirstien worked with us over many years, at all levels of the 3,500 strong workforce, from Board level, and senior management to frontline staff. Providing professional support in the roles of researcher, consultant, trainer and coach, she worked with us to better understand, and to improve, staff resilience and capacity to sustain providing compassionate care. Kirstien has displayed a detailed understanding of the key issues, whilst her empathetic and insightful manner connects well with people. Kirstien truly inspires others to take on new approaches which enable them to make more of a difference in their own lives as well as to others.
    — Susan Harding, Executive Director HR and Organisational Development, Somerset Care Group
  • I always look forward to my meeting with Emma. She listens well and draws on her wealth of experience and skills to provide me with helpful insights into issues that may arise. She has helped me identify my strengths and how to use these effectively within the workplace. As a result of her coaching, I am motivated to achieve my set goals and this has recently resulted in a career progression for me within the public sector. I would thoroughly recommend Emma as a coach to help achieve your maximum potential.
    — Helen Cox, NHS Manager
  • Kirstien has been integral in developing the Resilience course we run for maternity healthcare professionals. Kirstien’s breadth of knowledge around the subject of coping with extremely stressful incidences as part of your daily life has lent itself to the superb delivery and content of the course. In addition, the flexibility and adaptability of how she works in trying to ensure that each delegate gets the most that they can out of the day is awe-inspiring. When I first started speaking to her about my ideas, which were vague, she immediately got it and knew exactly where to take it and develop it into something that would be beneficial. Her communication with the delegates is both empathic and motivational, and all delegates absolutely love her and her style of teaching. Every time I speak to Kirstien I am, myself, motivated to take on the world with new ideas and a fresh perspective, and I am grateful to have got to know her over these last couple of years.
    — Sara Ledger, Research and Development Manager, Babylifeline
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Kirstien over the last 5 years. As well as becoming a valued friend my experience is that she brings with her a high level of willingness to create great relationships, great work and has consistently produced great results. I find her commitment to transforming issues and difficulties refreshing and inspiring and I am constantly surprised at her level of ability in perceiving what works. I know that her wealth of personal qualities and background experience will always make a big difference for people.
    — Simon Daly, Director InterBe
  • Any anxiety or intrepidation about the course soon left me. It has developed into the most valuable and enjoyable training I have ever had. Truly it (Frontline Resilience's course on resilience and resourcefulness) has the potential to change lives!!
    — Jon Snowdon, Senior Advisor - Sustainable Business and Development, Environment Agency
  • Transformational for me personally at a time when I needed it most. Participating in this training with Frontline Resilience, is a unique experience in my working life, which will improve not only how I am at work but also in all aspects of my life. Thank you.
    — Kevin Barnes National Operations Manager - Environment Agency
  • A brilliant course that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. Claire and Kirstien were lovely and induced a very relaxing, calming and open atmosphere that made sharing and engaging easy.
    — Paula Burton, Senior Officer, Incident Management and Resilience, Environment Agency