helping People to thrive whatever the circumstance


Frontline Resilience supports professionals and organisations to sustain working effectively in challenging circumstances and improve wellbeing.


professionals care more when they are cared for

Investing in individuals’ resilience, that is their resourcefulness, agility, and compassion, is integral to organisations delivering outstanding services, innovating, adapting, growing and being successful.

Frontline Resilience works globally supporting individuals, teams, and organizations who help people in challenging and adverse situations, to be the best they can be. 

The focus of our work is with the frontline workforce in health, social care, international relief, education and emergency response sectors.

We work with you wherever you are, in person, and by skype, email or webinars, on a one to one basis or in groups.

Our approach enables people to find ways of being with set backs, adversity or trauma which transforms their experience of it. People are better able to deal with things they previously experienced to be problematic, such as stress, failure, anxiety, conflict and confidence, because they relate to them differently.



one to one Support


Training and education


Transformational Consultancy